September MCAP Webinar - Mental Health & Climate Change: Adaptation strategies from the counselor to the community

September 20, 2022 Noon to 1:00 p.m. CT

Climate change poses many concerns for human health, including mental health. Coping with risks and disruptions from worsening heat waves and climate-fueled disasters can have long-lasting impacts on mental health, as can more subtle exposures to the “doom and gloom” reality of our fossil fuel dependence. The U.S. has long suffered from inadequate mental health services, a gap that the recent pandemic has highlighted. There is a widespread shortage of mental health practitioners and those practicing struggle to meet the needs of a rapidly growing client base. These frontline professionals need better resources to help clients respond to climate change pressures. Yet they are not solely responsible for helping society build its mental and emotional resiliency. Community-based strategies and the celebration of innovation are promising measures toward generating “active hope”, positive engagement, and effective solutions. Join us for a panel of Minnesota experts as they explore this important topic and what it means for the adaptation community. 

image of brain with globe superimposed
Brenda Hoppe

Dr. Brenda Hoppe
MCAP Climate Resilience Researcher  

Christie Manning

Dr. Christie Manning
Director of Sustainability
Environmental Studies Faculty
Macalester College  

Leah Prussia

Dr. Leah Prussia
Associate Professor
College of St. Scholastica