Minnesota CliMAT - Climate Mapping and Analysis Tool (CMIP6)


Map of model projections in Minnesota showing warmer temperature at the end of the Century

Welcome to Minnesota CliMAT (Climate Mapping and Analysis Tool). 

Minnesota CliMAT is an interactive online tool that provides highly localized climate projections for Minnesota. Users can view climate projections down to the 4km/2.6mile scale across the state, visualizing even how specific towns will likely be impacted in the coming decades. 

MN CliMAT uses the latest generation of global climate models, called CMIP6. Before launching the tool for the first time, we encourage you to explore the resources below, including Climate Modeling: an introductory primer for practitioners, which provide helpful context on climate modeling.

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Liess, S. Roop, H.A., Twine, T.E., Noe, R., Meyer, N., Fernandez, A., Dolma, D., Gorman, J., Clark, S., Mosel, J., Farris, A., Hoppe, B., Neff, P. 2023. Fine-scale Climate Projections over Minnesota for the 21st Century. Prepared for the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership. V1 released October 2023.

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Terms of use and disclaimer

Terms of use

The Climate Data Tool is provided as a resource for understanding climate change impacts in the state of Minnesota. It is provided free of charge. Please cite the tool when using images and/or data from the tool.


The Climate Data Tool incorporates the most up to date information and data available to guide climate projections, CMIP6. Please be aware that projections include uncertainty and should be interpreted appropriately and with care.This tool is still in development and there are no guarantees as to the accuracy, currency, completeness, suitability, or reliability of this data for any purpose. Users accept that the data is provided 'as is' and assume all risks associated with its use.

Version 1 Beta of this tool is currently active. Future versions will be released as the project team continues to improve and enhance the tool’s functionality. Any comments or feedback on the tool can be sent to: [email protected]