Celebrating Adaptation Leadership: MCAP Climate Adaptation Awards

Minnesota Climate Adaptation Awards

The Minnesota Climate Adaptation Awards, presented annually since 2014, celebrate exceptional achievements in leadership, education, research, policies, and practices that improve resilience or climate justice through the development, advancement, or implementation of climate adaptation strategies. We know that celebrating success and showcasing the actions and leadership of our peers can help to accelerate adaptation across Minnesota, and beyond. Past recipients have developed cutting-edge adaptation plans for their communities, supported project-specific implementation of adaptation investments, and served as leaders championing adaptation across their organizations.

The 2023 Call for Nominations is Now Open!

The 2023 Awards are for the following categories:

  1. Individual Adaptation Award - Any individual who has offered significant leadership, provided education, developed or implemented strategies, conducted research, or otherwise made an impact in the field of climate adaptation in Minnesota. Leaders can be either emerging or established, with depth in one focus area or across a breadth of audiences or disciplines.
  2. Collaborative Adaptation Award - Any collection of individuals, organizations, or businesses that have worked together to achieve significant progress in climate adaptation or have implemented practices or projects that advance climate adaptation in Minnesota.
  3. Organization Adaptation Award - Any private sector, non-profit, community of faith, youth group, neighborhood association, local government unit, state or federal agency, tribal nation, educational institution, or similar entity that has achieved significant progress or implemented practices that advance climate adaptation in Minnesota.
  4. Creative Climate Communication Award - Any individual, organization, community group, or collection of individuals with a track record of successful climate change- and adaptation-related communication and engagement. This may include using visual arts, creative writing, social media, educational events, community convenings and engagement, or other creative communication approaches to engage, inspire and/or educate Minnesotans about climate change and its local impacts.
  5. Climate Justice Leadership Award - Any individual, organization, community group, or collection of individuals working to advance climate adaptation to reduce the likelihood that the burdens of climate change disproportionately impact vulnerable people and frontline communities, and that those communities have the resources they need to be prepared for and respond to the impacts of climate change.

    MCAP 2023 Awards Committee

    Heidi Roop

    Heidi Roop
    University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership

    Nate Meyer

    Nate Meyer
    Associate Director
    University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership

    Amanda Farris

    Amanda Farris
    Senior Program Manager
    University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership 

    Camilla Correll
    Water Resources Engineer
    EOR Inc. 

    Howard Creel
    Senior Government R&D Specialist

    Amie Hedblom
    Manager - Corporate Sustainability Marketing

    A history of celebrating climate achievements

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    2022 Recipients

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    2020 Recipients

    • Business: The Guardian Building
    • Organization: Mississippi Park Connection and the Science Museum of Minnesota for their Plant for the Future project
    • Institution: Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management and U-Spatial at the University of Minnesota, Duluth for the 2019 State Hazard Mitigation Plan
    • Individual: Paul Huttner, MPR News

    2018 Recipients

    • Business: Room & Board
    • Institution: Metropolitan Council
    • Individual: Paul Moss