Ecolibrium3 - Organization Adaptation Award 2022


"We excel at understanding high-level challenges and then designing and implementing programs, partnerships and projects that address those issues."

Ecolibrium3 is based in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood, an Environmental Justice Zone and home to a large percentage of vulnerable populations. The organization has a two-pronged focus, serving as the neighborhood convening organization in Lincoln Park and focusing on community sustainability and resiliency.

Throughout their over ten years as an organization, Ecolibrium3 has implemented several programs that focus on community resiliency, from disaster response to energy stability to community health. The Energy Efficiency Program's goal is to bring Lincoln Park residents out of energy poverty, and it has led to the establishment of the Lincoln Park Community Solar Garden array, which provides clean energy and a source of income to the entire community. They coordinated the Duluth Citizens Climate Action Plan and increased community capacity by establishing an AmeriCorps cohort in Duluth. Their work is continuously evolving to meet community needs, such as with their Pay it Forward PPE project that provided personal protective equipment to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the development of the Lincoln Park Resilience Hub, a community center to address health and economic disparities in the neighborhood.

Ecolibrium3's work is community-driven and community focused, with an emphasis on equity and environmental justice. As an organization, their goal is to lead and inspire change toward an equitable and sustainable future, which they achieve by bringing residents together to work toward a common goal. They exemplify the qualities that embody the Organization Adaptation Award


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