City of Rochester

Sustainability and Resilience Task Force


The City of Rochester and partners at Center for Energy and Environment launched a Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force in Spring 2020 to develop an Action Plan for the Rochester community with five main focus areas: City for Health, Accessible Transportation, Climate Change Resilience, Vibrant Neighborhoods, and Resilient Economy. Task Force members represent and deliberately seek a diverse spectrum of voices and expertise, and apply lenses of equity, sustainability, and resilience to the work of developing the Action Plan to ensure that no one is left out of a sustainable and resilient Rochester. Embracing a holistic view of climate change adaptation, the Task Force uses its own professional expertise, lived experience, and knowledge of the community to match these needs with solutions that enhance the sustainability and resilience of the community, including and especially climate change adaptation. As an example, the Task Force linked the need to enhance access to parks and green space to mitigate the increased urban heat island effect linked to climate change, providing community access to lakes and swimming pools when it is hot, and other community and ecological services.

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