Precipitate - Business Adaptation Award 2022

Precipitate: architecture, planning, research

"The team at Precipitate believe that in order to design healthy buildings and communities, we must prioritize the health and well-being of people."

Precipitate was founded in 2017 to respond nimbly to the pressing social, economic, and ecological justice issues of today through deep listening and engagement, leading to holistic, systemic design at the intersection of architecture, research, and education. Their work combines carbon neutral architecture, advocacy, and research to work toward climate justice. They believe that a just transition to carbon neutrality requires input from women and under-represented ethnic and racial groups, so we all share in the benefits of decarbonization.
This firm was nominated by Bemidji State University for their efforts as planning consultants for Bemidji State University’s updated Climate Action and Resilience Plan. Precipitate conducted building assessments, procured financial assessments, and engaged diverse stakeholders to contribute to the Plan's final form.
Precipitate centers people in their work. In their own words, "At the heart of our business is the belief that good design should be accessible to all and that we can achieve more, quicker, and more equitably, through collaboration." Their clients appreciate this approach and their focus on inquiry, because of "the need for inclusive adaptation and resilience-building" in the face of vast climate challenges. Because of their work and their focus on an inclusive solution, Precipitate is the recipient of this year's Business Adaptation Award.


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