Advisory Board

MCAP’s advisory board informs our organizational priorities, ensures MCAP remains responsive to emerging climate-related issues, and evaluates whether our work is aligned with our mission and values. Our advisory board members come from a variety of backgrounds and sectors and include researchers, practitioners, and recognized leaders in climate science and adaptation. Our current board includes experts from state and local government, private industry, nonprofits, and academia, and many of them have served on the MCAP Conference Committee for years. Some steering committee members also lead our working groups, which directly influence MCAP’s research and practice priorities.

Organizations Represented by the Current Advisory Board:


Water Resources Center
Minneapolis City of Lakes


MN Department of Health
Dept of Soil, Water, and Climate


US Army Corps of Engineers


Forest Service


Institute on the Environment
MN Pollution Control Agency


Cuningham Group


Science Museum of Minnesota


1854 Treaty Authority


MN Dept of Natural Resources
City of Minnetonka


UMN Morris
MN Department of Agriculture