Our Changing Climate

Climate change affects every corner of Minnesota — from our forests and urban environments to our rich working lands.  Observations show we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change across the state and we expect more changes in the coming years. In fact, Minnesota's average annual temperature has increased nearly 3°F since the late 1800's. Climate science research suggests that the state will continue to get warmer and wetter, with more extreme events driving changes across the state and greater Midwest region.  Observations show that our winters are warming dramatically and that spring is arriving up to two weeks earlier than in the early 1900's.  These changes alter the places where we live, work and recreate.

MCAP has developed a series of maps showing historical change and future climate projections using statistically downscaled climate data from the University of Wisconsin Center for Climatic Research.

Access the full suite of maps here

Learn more about climate change in Minnesota and how we can prepare for these impacts by exploring the topics below. 

Changing Temperature

Extreme Events

Forests & Ecosystems


The Built Environment

Climate and Health

Water Resources

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Air Quality