Dr. Brenda Hoppe

Dr. Brenda Hoppe
Climate Resilience Researcher


Brenda Hoppe is a public health scientist who studies the varied impacts of climate change on human health and community well-being. She earned her PhD in Public Health with a minor in Toxicology from Oregon State University, MS in Human Physiology from the University of Oregon, and BS in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a Climate Resilience Researcher for MCAP, she develops and coordinates interdisciplinary research integrating climate data to understand risks to humans and communities. 

Research Interests

Climate resilience, Public health, Climate data, Epidemiology, Risk assessment, Co-production of knowledge

Current Projects

  1. High-Resolution Climate Projections for the State of Minnesota
  2. Climate & Community Mental Health Symposium

Selected Publications and Presentations

Hoppe, B.O., Prussia, L., Manning, C., Raab, K.K., Jones-Casey, K.V. in review. An Exploratory Survey of Mental Health Professionals’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Related to Climate Change to Identify Professional Needs and Resource Gaps. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Clark, S., Roop, H.A., Meek, J., Stephens, S., Blumenfeld, K., Hoppe, B.O., Millberg, L., Mroz-Risse, K., Tomlinson, E.K., and Wojchik, E., 2021. Climate Change Data for Minnesota: Understanding needs, uses and opportunities of climate information to help accelerate climate resilience efforts across the State. A report prepared for the State of Minnesota by the Dynamically Downscaled Climate Information Workgroup, the Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership. 

Hoppe, B.O., Raab, K., Waldhart, E., Waage, E., Varien, M., Davis, J. (2021). Advancing Health & Disaster Resiliency in Minnesota: Co-producing Climate & Health Information for the Emergency Management Sector. St. Paul: Minnesota Department of Health. 

Liu, Y., Saha, S., Hoppe, B.O., Convertino, M. (2019). Degrees and dollars – Health costs associated with suboptimal ambient temperature exposure. Science of the Total Environment 678: 702-711. 
Liu, Y., Hoppe, B.O., Convertino, M. (2018). Threshold evaluation of emergency risk communication for health risks related to hazardous ambient temperature. Risk Analysis 38: 2208-2221.

Hoppe, B.O., Raab, K., Blumenfeld, K., Lundy, J. (2018). Vulnerability assessment of future flood impacts for populations on private wells: utilizing climate projection data for public health adaptation planning. Climatic Change 148: 533-546.