Climate Data Community of Practice

Community of Practice Overview

The Climate Data Community of Practice (CoP) was started by the Climate Program at the Minnesota Department of Health with the aim to increase Minnesotans' capacity for using climate projection data and climate resiliency

Recent Meeting Highlights

The last CoP meeting was held virtually on August 12, 2021 with 86 people in attendance. Attendees represented city, county and state government staff, university researchers and staff, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. Survey responses indicated growth in membership and interest from new audiences.  72% of attendees were first-time attendees of the CoP, while 60% of attendees indicated that they attended because they wanted to learn about relevant climate data resources, research, and case studies.

Dr. Brenda Hoppe opened the meeting by summarizing past CoP meetings, and Dr. Suzi Clark summarized a recent survey designed to understand climate projection data needs and uses in Minnesota (see below). Dr. Kenneth Blumenfeld gave a tutorial on the Minnesota Climate Explorer Tool, and Dr. Heidi Roop shared exciting news about an upcoming project for downscaled climate projections, funded by the state of Minnesota.

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Meeting Hosts

University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership

  • Dr. Heidi Roop
  • Dr. Brenda Hoppe
  • Dr. Suzi Clark

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

  • Dr. Kenneth Blumenfeld

Shared Resources

Climate Projection Data for Minnesota - Survey Summary

Climate Projection Data for Minnesota - Infographic

High-Resolution Climate Projections for Minnesota

Minnesota Climate Explorer Tool