Modeling Minnesota's Future Climate

Project Summary

In 2021 the State Legislature of Minnesota supported a 2-year project to develop future climate projection data and communication resources for Minnesota. This project is set to be one of MCAP's seminal climate research products.

Minnesota State Capitol
MN State Legislature (source: Wikimedia Commons)

This project will: 

  1. Generate high-resolution future climate data at a 3- mile scale through the year 2100. These models will project variables such as precipitation and temperature that are crucial to Minnesotans as they increase their resilience to climate change;
  2. Develop tools based on the climate model projections that Minnesotans can use in their own preparations;
  3. Develop workshops and other training opportunities that will teach Minnesotans how to use the climate projection data and associated tools.

Year 1 will focus on the model simulations and generating climate data, while year 2 will focus on developing tools and resources to disseminate the data.

Project Team

Heidi Roop

Heidi Roop

Suzi Clark

Suzi Clark
PostDoctoral Associate

Tracy Twine

Tracy Twine
Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota

Stefan Liess

Stefan Liess
Climate Researcher
University of Minnesota

Brenda Hoppe
Climate & Health Advisor

Peter Neff
Assistant Research Professor
University of Minnesota 

Peter Snyder
Associate Professor
University of Minnesota 

Project Support

State of Minnesota


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