Join the MCAP Team as a Postdoctoral Research Associate!

One of the greatest challenges in assessing the effectiveness of climate adaptation and resilience is that the outcomes and impacts stemming from present-day investments in climate adaptation and resilience may not be known immediately, if not for years. Metrics and indicators for climate resilience and adaptation are also needed to support increased understanding of when, where, and how to implement adaptation and resilience strategies as well as who benefits from adaptation actions and investments. Thus, developing climate resilience indicators and metrics, and collating both quantitative and qualitative data streams in a way that can help to monitor and track progress over time, are needed across a range of spatial and temporal scales.

In this applied research project, the postdoctoral associate will develop a resilience metrics monitoring process to track and measure progress in the implementation of the climate adaptation and resilience strategies identified in the Resilient Communities Chapter of the Minnesota Climate Action Framework (CAF).

Application deadline: September 23, 2023.

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