Changing the Narrative: Climate Stories for Justice

By Change Narrative LLC

August 5 - 13, 2022

Change Narrative, an organization bringing creative climate programming that balances science with art, empathy, and emotion led by Jothsna Harris, announces Changing the Narrative: Climate Stories for Justice—a multidisciplinary climate storytelling program presented August 5-13 as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, bringing together live, spoken narratives by Twin Cities-based climate justice organizers interspersed with graphic illustration, music, and poetry.

An evocative experience of the senses intended to connect both the head and heart on climate change, and spur action on this critical issue of our time, the production, hosted by emcee Rasheed Harris, merges a dynamic group of climate champions. Featured storytellers include Whitney Terrill (Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light), Nicole Ektnitphong (Climate Advocacy Lab), and Leslee Gutiérrez Carrillo (COPAL). Visually summarizing the accounts is illustrator Lisa Troutman of Drawn Well, whose creations will hold space for key messages after each spoken set, with live music from songwriters/poets Strong Buffalo and Ben Weaver (known together as the musical duo Buffalo Weavers) performed in between.

Personal stories center humanity. When paired with science, they evolve into a broader, richer understanding of climate change and how the data is relevant to our daily lives. Changing the Narrative: Climate Stories for Justice will examine the need to repair harmful mainstream narratives, shed light on personal stories, and provide viewers with tangible steps to get involved in climate justice.
“Climate change is all around us, and it is critical to hear powerful stories from everyday people fighting on the frontlines that have been long excluded from mainstream discussions and decision-making,” said program curator Jothsna Harris. “Balancing the science with our stories will create normalcy that this is not just about saving the planet, it is about all of us and caring about our mutual survival and well-being.”

Changing the Narrative: Climate Stories for Justice
Presented by Change Narrative as part of Minnesota Fringe Festival 2022
Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater
Aug 5, 8:30 pm
Aug 7, 2:30 pm
Aug 8, 7 pm
Aug 11, 10 pm
Aug 13, 8:30 pm
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2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival

Graphic with photo of speakers for Changing the Narrative: Climate Stories for Justice