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Climate Forward Report Cover

Climate Forward? How Climate Projections Are(n’t) Used to Inform Design

Adaptation in Action Webinar Series


Tuesday, May 16, Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Architects & Engineers are well-positioned to use climate projection data, yet there remains a concerning lag in industry-wide adoption of these forward-looking metrics. A joint study by MCAP and national design firm HGA takes a closer look at this disconnect. Join us for the next Adaptation in Action webinar on Tuesday, May 16 at Noon to learn from HGA Director of Sustainability Ariane Laxo and MCAP and UMN Master’s of Science in Sustainable Design and Architecture student and MCAP intern Patrick Cipriano.

The Climate Action Handbook by Heidi Roop

Sneak Preview: The Climate Action Handbook


Sunday, January 29, 2023
12:30 p.m.

38th Annual GreenSeam Rural Forum


Thursday, December 2, 2021 4-8 PM



Forbes: Climate Risk Is Real And Calculable, But Numbers Don’t Protect Homes

February 16, 2024

Forbes featured our study with the design firm HGA characterizing the climate projection data needs of Architecture and Engineering (A&E) professionals in the United States: "Many financially secure homeowners are willing to take on some risk for a great location, but subsequently need to plan for it by working with an architect or builder who uses design tactics to meet that risk tolerance."

COLDEX Featured on CBS News

January 5, 2024

CBS News aired the first in a series of reports on our COLDEX project at the end of December. The report features footage from Antarctica, where our team members and collaborators from other universities are searching for the oldest ice on the planet to understand the evolution and future of Earth’s climate system. We’ve been working with CBS News throughout 2023 on this project, and are so grateful to see the stories being released. Stay tuned for more in 2024. 

Yale Climate Connections: Stories Recorded at MCRC

January 5, 2024

Climate Connections—a daily podcast and radio show heard on over 700 stations nationwide—recently began airing a series of conversations recorded at our Midwest Climate Resilience Conference in Duluth this fall. The interviews are on heat pumpsrain barrels and building engineering standards—areas where Minnesotans are leading the charge in implementing climate adaptation and resilience strategies. Climate Connections also featured a conversation with MCAP Director Heidi Roop about her book, The Climate Action Handbook.

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