Past Contributors

We thank the following individuals for their contributions to MCAP's work.

Former Researchers and Staff

  • Lillie Benowitz, Midwest Climate Resilience Conference Staff 
  • Meredith Cornett, Program Development Specialist
  • Dr. Katerina Gonzales, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Brenda Hoppe, Climate Resilience Researcher 
  • Greg Klinger, Climate Resilience Extension Educator

Former Students and Interns

  • Devin Burri, Masters Student 
  • Cole DeWeese, Intern 
  • Dhondup Dolma, Intern
  • Olivia Forshee, Intern 
  • Eleanor Mancusi-Ungaro, Undergraduate Researcher
  • Abby Ockler, Intern 
  • Molly Seligman, Intern 
  • Erik Simula, Masters Student
  • Joe Warren, Ph.D. Candidate

Former Advisory Board Members

  • Leslie Brandt — Supervisory Climate Adaptation Specialist, USDA Forest Service
  • Stephen Handler — Climate Change Specialist, US Forest Service/Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science
  • Hilarie Sorensen — Climate Biologist, 1854 Treaty Authority; MCAP Liasion to Minnesota Tribal Environmental Committee (MNTEC) 
  • Dan Vimont — Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences; Director, Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research; Co-Director, Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts