Climate change and drought in Minnesota and the Midwest




Suzanna Clark, Heidi Roop, Nathan Meyer, Jamie Mosel


This document is intended to provide a brief overview of observed and projected changes to precipitation in Minnesota. Minnesota has become wetter on average over the past 120 years, and that trend is expected to continue, but climate change will likely make precipitation in Minnesota more unstable and intense. Between heavy rain events, Minnesota will likely have longer dry periods and more flash droughts. Transitions between very wet and very dry periods are also likely to accelerate.

Use this summary to learn more about the details of the projections and the potential impacts these changes could have on Minnesotans.

Suggested Citation

Clark, S., Roop, H.A., Meyer, N., Mosel, J. (2023). Climate change and drought in Minnesota and the Midwest. Summary prepared for the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership. Published October 2023 (v1).