MCAP Named Recipient of Climate Resilience Fund Grant Award

NOAA and the Climate Resilience Fund (CRF) recently announced the results of the 2022 competitive grants program, the Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem Program, or CCRE. The CCRE solicits input from the field and develops grantmaking guidelines that reflect priorities determined by that input each year. 
This year the CCRE received applications from over 100 climate service professionals. Applicants representing 19 organizations were selected by the review committee to participate in a newly developed Steps to Resilience Training designed by CRF's partners at Fernleaf, NEMAC, and NOAA. MCAP Senior Program Manager Amanda Farris was selected to represent MCAP in the Steps to Resilience Training beginning early in 2023. 

A unique public-private partnership, the Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem grants program matches federal resources 1:1 with private foundation funding provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to support the development of the field of climate adaptation and resilience. 

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