Dena Coffman

Headshot of Dena Coffman
GIS Specialist


Dena works with MCAP and U-Spatial using GIS to improve how we measure, understand and communicate climate adaptation. She has worked on projects on a range of climate-related topics, including human health, infrastructure, permafrost thaw, and floodplain adaptations and relocation in the Amazon. Prior to joining MCAP, Dena worked on the Adaptation Research team at the Canadian Climate Institute; as a Research Assistant at McGill University; and as an independent consultant on adaptation and resilience projects. Dena is also an active member of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals. She holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies with a minor in GIS from McGill University, and a Masters in Human Geography from the University of Toronto. 

Research Interests

Climate adaptation


adaptation policy

Selected Publications and Presentations

Clark, Dylan G., Dena Coffman, Ryan Ness, Isabelle Bujold, and Dale Beugin. 2022. Due North: Facing the costs of climate change for Northern infrastructure. Canadian Climate Institute. Ottawa, ON.

Coffman, Dena. Urban Livelihoods and Flood Vulnerability in a State-Sponsored Resettlement Project in Iquitos, Peru. University of Toronto (Canada), 2021.

Ness, Ryan, Dylan G. Clark, Julien Bourque, Dena Coffman, and Dale Beugin. 2021. Under Water: The Costs of Climate Change for Canada’s Infrastructure. Canadian Climate Institute. Ottawa, ON. 

Clark, Dylan G., Ryan Ness, Dena Coffman, & Dale Beugin. 2021. The Health Costs of Climate Change: How Canada Can Adapt, Prepare, and Save Lives. Canadian Institute for Climate Choices. Ottawa, ON.