Midwest CASC hiring graduate research assistantship

The Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center is seeking applications for a one-year graduate research assistantship for 2022-2023. Eligible current or incoming graduate students are: pursuing research applicable to the mission of the MW CASC, are enrolled in degree programs affiliated with CFANS, CBS, CEHD, CDES, Vet Med, or at UMD. Preference will be given to students with a strong interest in working with stakeholders and tribes to create actionable science. The research assistant will be expected to actively pursue their research, maintain progress towards their graduate degree, and participate in MW CASC training and educational opportunities. 

To apply, graduate students should send a letter of interest, resume/CV, and letter of support from their advisor by April 15, 2022 to [email protected] Members of systematically excluded groups are particularly encouraged to apply. 

The student’s letter of interest (maximum 2 pages) should describe themselves and their general interests, the specific research that will be pursued during the year, and how this research is applicable to the mission of the MW CASC. Graduate advisors should provide a letter of support that describes how the CASC assistantship would benefit the student and how the student’s research is currently funded. The advisor’s letter should also indicate that they will enable their student’s participation in MW CASC training and educational opportunities, if supported by the MW CASC.

The mission of the MW CASC is to advance adaptation science and practice needed to address climate change threats to natural and cultural resources of the Midwest region. To learn more about the MW CASC and to explore currently funded projects, please visit the USGS MW CASC website. 

Contact Dr. Susan Galatowitsch ([email protected]) if you have questions about this opportunity.

Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Now Hiring graduate research assistantship