Katerina Gonzales Guest on Climate One Podcast

Dr. Katerina Gonzales, postdoctoral associate with Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership, was interviewed along with environmental journalist Meera Subramanian on the February 18, 2022 episode of the Climate One podcast. In the conversation with host Greg Dalton, Gonzales and Subramanian discuss the parallels between the plot in the Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” and our own climate emergency. 

Gonzales said, "There's no adapting to the impacts of a comet. Everyone’s smashed to smithereens, inequality doesn't exist, it’s beautiful, right? In the real world we’re already dealing with climate change, and we need to adapt, but the good news of that is that we have agency."

Listen to the February 18, 2022 Climate One podcast episode. 


Katerina Gonzales podcast appearance