Internship opportunity: climate change adaptation in built environment

HGA and Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership are collaborating to offer a summer internship opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students. This position offers unique exposure to climate change adaptation in the built environment. Paid summer internships will be 10 to 12 weeks beginning on or before May 31, 2022 (some flexibility is available).

HGA and Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership will collaborate to assess the needs, interests, and practice of architects, planners and engineers involved in climate adaptation services and using climate projection data to advance design for a resilient and sustainable future.

Learn more about this internship opportunity, including how to apply.

About HGA

HGA is a full-service planning and design firm of nearly 1000 professionals offering planning, engineering, architecture, and interior design services in 12 offices. HGA aims to develop the expertise and research to push beyond net zero energy to net positive energy; from a neutral effect on health, safety, and resources to a positive one. As the need and desire for sustainable environments grow, so does the focus on high-performance buildings with sound data that we can share back with our clients and our design teams

HGA and MCAP now hiring summer internship