Katerina Gonzales

Katerina Gonzales
Postdoctoral Associate


Katerina Gonzales is a climate scientist who studies extreme weather and climate events in order to help communities address climate change. She earned her PhD in climate dynamics at Stanford University, and previously, studied Geophysics at Colorado School of Mines.

Born and raised in Colorado, she remembers growing up with wildfires erupting across the region in the summer. Her career is dedicated to making our natural and social environments more habitable, equitable, and liberative for all. 

Research Interests

Kat’s dissertation researched characteristics and impacts of atmospheric rivers making landfall along the U.S. West Coast. She is interested in identifying relevant storm characteristics to inform adaptation to changes in floods and water availability associated with atmospheric river impacts.

Now at the U of M, Kat is a postdoctoral fellow with Heidi Roop, working to bridge climate research to application. She is currently studying how atmospheric rivers are communicated within and by Western US water utility agencies.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Gonzales, Katerina R., Daniel L. Swain, Elizabeth A. Barnes, and Noah S. Diffenbaugh. "Moisture‐versus wind‐dominated flavors of atmospheric rivers." Geophysical Research Letters 47, no. 23 (2020): e2020GL090042. 

Gonzales, Katerina R., Daniel L. Swain, Kyle M. Nardi, Elizabeth A. Barnes, and Noah S. Diffenbaugh. "Recent warming of landfalling atmospheric rivers along the west coast of the United States." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124, no. 13 (2019): 6810-6826.