Sneak Preview: The Climate Action Handbook

Sunday, January 29, 2023
12:30 p.m.

Climate scientist Dr. Heidi Roop’s The Climate Action Handbook shows us WHY we need to take action now to combat climate change and then, critically, HOW, through easy-to-understand language and stunning infographics that offer each of us varied and doable solutions to the overwhelming challenges facing our planet.

As more focus is put on climate science, there is a need for each of us to learn how we can change our habits in our homes, communities, and governments to help mitigate the existential threat of climate change. The Climate Action Handbook is the response to this need, and the book every household needs.

This visually stunning guide available on Mar 21 does what no other climate change book manages to do: it's approachable, digestible, and offers the average human ideas, options, and a roadmap for action. It also offers hope. Climate scientist Dr. Heidi Roop lays out the issues facing the planet and offers 100 important actions that readers can take right now in their daily lives to help slow the adverse effects of climate change. Compelling infographics provide visual impact and context to the topic at hand.

Event location

American Swedish Institute
2600 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407

This event will be moderated by meteorologist Sven Sundgaard

Sven Sungaard

Sven Sundgaard has been a meteorologist for more than two decades, most of which has been spent broadcasting in the Twin Cities. He’s currently a meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio, and digital news and information platform, He also provides weather and climate content for Currently, Inc. a subscription based climate and weather service, and has been a science advisor to the Minneapolis Foundation. He’s also a licensed realtor in Minnesota to top it off.

Sven received his degree in meteorology from St. Cloud State in 2003. His research in thermodynamics won several undergraduate research awards. He is passionate about conservation, climate change and social justice issues. He's combined these topics with his travels around the world which include six of the seven continents. He has done climate and conservation reports all the way from the arctic to the jungles of the Amazon, the Great Barrier Reef and the arid interior of Africa.

The Climate Action Handbook by Heidi Roop