MCAP November Webinar

Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 12 PM Noon

Event location


Annie Klodd from the University of Minnesota Extension will give a talk titled, "Keeping up with Climate Change on Specialty Crop Farms"

Diverse climate-related stressors are forcing specialty crop farmers to think outside the box for ways to remain resilient. In this presentation, Annie will highlight innovative methods that fruit farmers and researchers are working on to keep their high value fruit crops safe from extreme weather, rain-related plant diseases, and unpredictability.

Annie is a statewide Extension Educator for fruit and vegetable production at the University of Minnesota. She works with farmers across the state to deliver research-based guidance on growing fruit and vegetable crops. She manages the UMN Extension Fruit and Vegetable Newsletter and co-hosts the Cold Climate Fruit Webinar Series with UMN and UW-Madison. Annie grew up on a vineyard in Iowa and holds a Masters degree in Plant Biology from Penn State University.