Snow Rules!

Enhanced Snow and Precipitation Monitoring within Minnesota Portions of Watersheds Draining to Lake Superior

Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program

Becoming a volunteer snow observer ...

Volunteers in Cook, Lake, and St. Louis counties (especially in areas within 30 miles of the Lake Superior shore) are needed to make daily snowfall and snow cover measurements.

Additional observers are particularly needed in

The project supplies a 'snow board' and a ruler marked in tenths of inches as the basic observing equipment. We also supply copies of the National Weather Service video (to borrow or keep) on all the 'how-to's of observing including hints on where to place the collecting board in your yard. Ideally you will make and write down observations daily and supply the monthly form to a local sponsor (see list below). The SWCDs (Soil and Water Conservation Districts) have been supplying equipment and collecting precipitation data for decades! Please contact them first. 'Missing days' are a fact of life but we do ask observers to be careful about noting on their data forms when observations were not actually done ('zero' and 'not observed' are not the same thing).

An observer meeting for 2005 has not yet been planned. Observer meetings are designed to not only supply equipment but also to provide some instruction to augment the excellent National Weather Service video on 'how to observe snow'. All are welcome to attend any of the meetings. There is a separate 'meetings' reference which gives more detail on the individual meetings (e.g. dates and specific locations). The contacts listed below can also supply equipment to you at their offices. The video and an accompanying booklet should provide sufficient guidance to get you started observing.

Please contact any of the people below if you would like to know more or to get started.


Ruth GubrudLake
Peter HarrisWolf Ridge
Linda MartinsonSouth St. Louis
Rebecca WiinanenCook
Jim ZandloState Climatology Office -

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