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Living Snow Fence Case Study: Mountain Lake, MN
  Wind Direction
  Fetch Distance
  Snow Water Equiv.
Snow Transport
  Attack Angle

Mean seasonal snow transport is calculated to determine the amount of snow the snow fence will need to contain.

The mean seasonal snow transport (Qt) is calculated using the formula to the right. The equation utilizes the fetch distance and snow water equivalent found in the previous two steps.

For the case study at Mountain Lake, the mean season snow transport (Qt) is 22.3 t/m.



Formula for Mean Seasonal Snow Transport

Qt = 1500 (S)(SWE)(r)(1-0.14F/3000)

  • Qt = mean seasonal snow transport (t/m).
  • S = mean snowfall over SAS (m).
  • SWE = mean snow water equivalent.
  • r = relocation factor for Mountain Lake, 0.63, (see map below)
  • F = fetch distance in meters.
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