St. Paul Campus Climatological Observatory

The University of Minnesota's Department of Soil, Water, and Climate maintains a Climatological Observatory on the grounds of the University's St. Paul campus. This page provides links to charts that show the last three days of weather data collected at the Observatory. These charts are updated each hour. The new charts should be available by about 15 minutes after the top of the hour.

Information about hourly data charts:

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Air Temperature Precipitation Other elements Wind
Max., Avg., and Min. Hourly (3 days) Relative Humidity Wind Speed - 10'
Air Temp. and Dew Point Hourly data file Vapor Pressure Wind Direction, text
Air Temp. Range   Solar Radiation Notes on Direction file
Wind Chill 15-min. (2 days) Pan Evaporation  
Temp, Dew Pt., Rh text file 15-min. (1 day)   Wind Speed - 3'
10-minute Avg. Temp. 15-minute data file Gamma Radiation  
Air Temp and Heat Index

Description and examples of the Gamma Radiation Data

The following charts of soil and air temperatures will be updated starting at 20 minutes after the hour.

Soil temp. - bare plot Soil temp. - sod plot Air Temp. over Bare Soil Plot
1,5,10,20,40 cm 1,5,10,20,50 cm Air Temp. by height above Soil Surface
50,60,80,100,120 cm 60,70,90,110,130,160 cm
all 10 depths 320 - 1280 cm Air Temp. Profile above Soil Surface
Temperature Profile Temperature Profile Air / Snow / Soil Temp. Profile
  Depth Conversion Table Notes about Bare Soil Plot Air Temps

Other Information:

Historical Summaries:

charts are maintained by: Dave Ruschy
phone: 612-625-5227