Interested in becoming a precipitation observer?

MNgage is a volunteer-based monitoring effort originated to provide high quality precipitation data for public safety, natural resource, education, and research applications. The MNgage program has operated in service to the citizens of Minnesota for nearly 40 years. We are continually seeking out new observers to fill in network gaps and to replace observers who have left the program.

The ideal candidate is one that already has (or would be willing to purchase) a 4-inch diameter rain gage (the kind with a funnel and inner cylinder.) Please no electronic gauges.

If we have too many observers in one spot we may have to decline adding any more in that area. If you are interested contact us and e-mail your name, street address, city, and zip code.

If you know your township, range, and section or the GPS coordinates of your site, that would help along with what kind of gauge you have.