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Two products are available related to spring flooding. The first is a state map showing Minnesota Stream Flow Conditions. This map shows the location of the major stream gages in the state and the major stream traces. Rivers or streams that have exceeded an established flood stage are marked with a deeper color and a wider trace. It is not possible at this time to show specific areas of flooding. Therefore, when the river stage exceeds flood stage, the entire river is marked above flood stage. On larger rivers with multiple gages, respective reach lengths will be marked as above or below flood stage. The assumption can be made that many of the ditches, creeks and tributaries to the gaged river or reach length are also flooding.

The second product is a series of Stage-Hydrographs for gage sites on the major rivers. These hydrographs show recent water stage, flood stage, and stage of record for a specific gage site.

The Minnesota Stream Flow Conditions Map and the Stage-Hydrographs are not real-time products. They will be updated regularly during periods of major flooding.

The data used for these products comes from the United States Geological Survey, the National Weather Service and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters. Please be advised that this data is provisional and subject to revision.

Real-time stage and discharge information is available from:

U.S. Geological Survey - Minnesota

U.S. Geological Survey - Wisconsin

U.S. Geological Survey - North Dakota

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