1997 Spring Flood Satellite Data

The COE contracted with RADARSAT of Canada to acquire satellite imagery of peak flooding along the Red River of the North. The resolution is approximately 25 meters. Five large, overlapping images were obtained providing coverage from White Rock (on the Bois de Sioux River in Traverse County) to the Canadian border. The five images were taken on April 10, 14, 20, 24, and 28. The raw RADARSAT data is in a digital format, and the COE licensing agreement does not allow them to provide the raw data to non-federal users. The COE can distribute processed images to any party. As of 8-7-97, the COE had one image processed by Vantage Point International, Inc. at a cost of about $2300, and is looking for other agencies to help pay for processing the remaining four images. The raw data can be purchased directly from RADARSAT for about $25,000. The primary COE contact for this satellite imagery is Terry Birkenstock, St. Paul District Corps of Engineers, (612) 290-5271. A location map of these five images can be viewed at the COE Web site.


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Last modified: August 21, 1997