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Welcome to the web page of the Surface Water Unit of Minnesota DNR Waters. The Surface Water Unit produces various products related to current and past stream flow conditions throughout the state.

Information on statewide stream flow conditions is presented as Stream Flow Reports.

Hydrographs show the discharge (or stage) of a river versus time. Hydrographs for approximately 35 sites are available for viewing during the open water season (April 1 to September 30). These hydrographs are manually updated two to three times a week during high stage events such as the spring snow melt, and during low stage events such as when flows approach the Q90 levels. Links to real time hydrographs available from the United States Geological Survey are shown below.

In addition to the Stream Flow Reports, various other products are produced. These include Miscellaneous Maps which show the location of the various gages and other stream flow products.

IMPORTANT: To provide near real-time flow information, it is necessary to use preliminary data. This data is subject to revision.

Information on flow conditions used in the various products comes from the U.S. Geological Survey, National Weather Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and DNR Division of Waters gages.

Information about lakes can be obtained from Lake Level Minnesota.

Other sources of stream flow information:


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