Snow Rules!

Enhanced Snow and Precipitation Monitoring within Minnesota Portions of Watersheds Draining to Lake Superior

Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program

Getting the data ...
Great Lakes NOWcasts

Duluth NWS 'All About Snow'

Sending the data ...

Additional observers for the 2011-12 season and beyond are welcome.
See 'becoming a volunteer observer' if you are interested. All observers are welcome at any of the Lake Superior climate and observer meetings (PowerPoint presentations from some of the past meetings are available).

A 'how to' manual for 'Observing Snow' is available. It describes the basics of selecting a site and using a the snow ruler, a snow board, and other devices.

A general description of the project's 'North Shore grid cells' and strip maps including 'grid lookups' is available.

NEW (2006) 24k shore topo maps have been prepared.

Other people have web pages about snow too.

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