Snow Rules!

Enhanced Snow and Precipitation Monitoring within Minnesota Portions of Watersheds Draining to Lake Superior

Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program

Affiliated temperature monitoring

Installation instructions which vary by use are given here for 2 of the observing types.
  • snowboard (675kb)
  • ambient air on 'post' (408kb)
  • shallow water, Lake Superior

Getting the temperature data ...

Some analyses of thermochron data have been done.

The Snow Rules! project uses thermochron iButtons to log temperature in three different observing situations. They are used to monitor temperatures on the surface of snow boards, to monitor ‘ambient’ air temperature at ‘standard height’ in the immediate vicinity of snow boards, and to monitor shallow Lake Superior temperatures. Thermochrons can measure temperatures down to -40.

The State Climatology Office has written programs for missioning and reading certain models of thermochrons (DS1923 read only but read/mission for DS1921 and DS1922L) using a a CLIE PDA running OS 4.x or higher. You can download the itcRead program, or the (improved 20080514) itcMission program (and the required public domain MathLib) and then 'sync' them to your own CLIE PDA (you also need appropriate cabling between the CLIE and a thermochron). A manual (345kb) for using the itcRead program is available. (The manual (345kb) for using the iTemp program (on a CLIE PDA) to read/write '1921' thermochrons is still available).

Data management for the buttons has been written and is operated by the State Climatology Office (SCO). Once a thermocrhon has been read and its data ingected into the SCO archive, all the thermochron-based temperature collected by volunteers in the program are retrievable online. The data will be collected by 'in-field' readings using a 'CLIE' PDA or by the SCO once the device has been mailed in.

Some results (late Dec 2003 to mid-2005) are available for most sites. The 'locations' given in site lists are 'cells' numbered along and lettered away from Lake Superior's north shore. (The list proceeds 'up the shore' from Duluth.) Time series from a snow board mounted AND from post or tree mounted devices are available. A few devices have been installed underwater. In the first season (2003-04) several sites had readings below -30; the 'E04' site has been down to -39F.

Two 'transects' have been installed. One ('air' only from 'A11' to 'F11') extends roughly from Tettegouche State Park to Finland at relatively high densities and at a much lower density to Isabella. The other consists of 4 units ('air' only in 'A13') along the western border of Sugar Loaf Cove.

A full suite of environmental measurements, including air temperature and humidity, solar radiation, and wind speed and direction are being gathered (started in early Feb 2004) at Tettegouche State Park. That data will be available here starting sometime late in 2005.

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